Experience Zero Gravity like an astronaut, with a real life astronaut


It's possible to experience Zero Gravity without going to space! 

Working with Zero Gravity Corp, we are committed to bringing the awesome and life changing experience of Zero G to more people, especially students. We also offer the opportunity to meet real astronauts during special events related to Zero Gravity flights.  

On Friday, December 9th, 2022 in the heart of the 50th Anniversary of the final Moon landing of Apollo 17, we are excited to offer an exclusive opportunity to fly in Zero Gravity with a world hero:


Charlie Duke, Apollo 16  

10th Man to walk on the Moon and Capcom for Apollo 11

The flight will take off from and land at Kennedy Space Center's historic Space Shuttle Runway.


Only 25 spots available

To secure your seat go to:


A portion of the proceeds will benefit the 501c3 non-profit SPACE for a Better World to support outreach activities throughout the world.

Charlie Duke and Nicole Stott Zero-G 20210509 SL1_5880 edited web.JPG
Charlie Duke and Nicole Stott Zero-G Fli
Charlie Duke and Nicole Stott Zero-G Fli

Recent Outreach Activities

SpaceX Astronaut Dr Sian Proctor and Space for a Better World Founder Christina Korp visit Morocco and Egypt to inspire the international community 

Between July 18 - 22, 2022 SPACE for a Better World Founder Christina Korp & SpaceX astronaut Dr. Sian Proctor traveled to Morocco and Egypt to speak at space events with the goal of sharing their stories of their own unique paths to space to inspire people to pursue their dreams.


They spoke at ICESCO’s Cansat & Aerospace Symposium in Rabat and at the EgSA-Egyptian Space Agency “International Moon Day” event in New Cairo. All with the aim of talking about SPACE for a Better World and Dr Proctor’s Space2Inspire to inspire more women, girls and people from diverse backgrounds to find their place in space.

A Visit to an all girl's boarding school in Marrakech, Morocco on July 23, 2022

On July 23, 2022 Dr. Proctor and Christina Korp visited the all girl’s boarding school started by two sisters to give girls who live in rural areas that don't have a high school near them the opportunity to get a full education to pursue a better life. It's called the first North African Soroptimist Club.

Many girls in rural areas of Morocco pass primary school only to go straight into work or marriage as their only option because of a lack of high schools near where they live. Which is a shame because college and university is free in Morocco. The women who started this school, Touria Binebine and  Dr. Laila Binebine fill the gap for those girls so they can keep their education going to go on to better opportunities.

This is why we work so hard to share a message of inspiration. To inspire them to #AimHigher for their dreams regardless of where they came from or their circumstances. It IS possible to pursue a pathway to a better life. It’s our mission to help like that spark of possibilities. Space exploration is a great vehicle to help do that.

Aim Higher Project


We are passionate about promoting inclusivity and diversity in space. Through the Aim Higher project we partner with local education foundations, public and private schools, universities, aerospace and mainstream companies, and space grant consortiums to bring the Aim Higher Project around the world. Each project is unique, but always with a focus on inspiration.


One of our main goals is to showcase the awe and wonder of space exploration through STEAM education - Science, Technology, Engineering, ARTS and Science and space inspiration to engage as many students as possible through big collaborative art projects and experiences that inspire people to see that there is room for them in space and to Aim Higher for their dreams, whatever they may be.


Earthwork of NASA Astronaut Stephanie Wilson Unveiled in Atlanta

Credit: Drone photo by John Zarr


During World Space Week in October of 2021 with the theme, "Women in Space, we launched a social media campaign that included former NASA astronauts, NASA leadership, women leaders in space, social media influencers and kids.


On Monday, October 11, 2021, we unveiled a giant 7,000 square foot Earthwork portrait of NASA Astronaut Stephanie Wilson installed by crop artist Stan Herd in downtown Atlanta. The frame and wording of #AimHigher was made out of 1,500 tiles of space art created by kids from 14 Atlanta Schools and 3 children's hospitals.


At the ceremony were Astronauts Nicole Stott, Susan Kilrain and Dr. Sian Proctor who only just returned to Earth from the Inspiration4 Mission where she became the first black woman to pilot a spacecraft. They all spoke about the importance of representation to inspire the next generation to aim higher for their dreams.


Stephanie Wilson was the second Black woman to go into space. She's flown in three missions — her first in 2006 — and she's also one of 18 Artemis astronauts, part of NASA's Artemis Program to put the first woman and first person of color on the Moon by 2025.

#AimHigher Artworks

Learn more about the #AimHigher installation in Atlanta, GA at https://purposeentertainment.com/atlanta-earthwork


When Christina Korp, founder of SPACE for a Better World, heard this story firsthand, the words “aim higher” resonated. If landing on the Moon could inspire two girls in a remote village, just think of how the next missions to the Moon could inspire children and people everywhere to “aim higher” for their dreams.


AIM HIGHER Beginnings

The #AimHigher project began because of a very special Moon landing memory.


“Humans on the Moon!,” said sisters Sermin and Pervin who lived in a tiny village in Turkey with no running water or electricity when Apollo 11 landed on the Moon in July of 1969. “When we looked up at the Moon knowing there were people on it, we realized we could aim higher for our dreams.” 


Their mother couldn’t read or write, and their father only had a 5th grade education. But the realization that ”the impossible” had been achieved made the sisters realize they didn’t have to settle for just graduating high school. The older sister went on to earn a PhD in quantum physics and the younger sister earned her MBA.


If you would like to invite the Aim Higher Project

to your school district or foundation,

please reach out to us.